How to Find Best Products for Affiliate Marketing (5 Ways)

Having trouble finding the best products for affiliate marketing? Having a good product to market is crucial in affiliate marketing. You can have the best marketing but if the product sucks, you won’t make a commission.

So how then do you find the best products for affiliate marketing? In this tutorial, I will be covering some of the best affiliate platforms that provide you with affiliate products to sell.

Whether you are looking for affiliate marketing ebooks to promote or food affiliate program, this short guide will show you how to find them. If you need some guidance in promoting the products, you can also check out my tutorial on a free affiliate marketing strategy that I use.

Offer Vault and oDigger

best products for affiliate marketing

Think of Offer Vault and oDigger like the Google for affiliate products to sell. It shows you the best networks that are out there and also the ratings by other affiliates.

In case you are totally new to affiliate marketing, when you sell as an affiliate, the company or affiliate network is suppose to pay you a commission. However, they have been ample instances where the affiliate network or company “runs” away and simply refuses to pay.

This is why apart from looking for the best products for affiliate marketing, you should be checking the ratings on Offer Vault or oDigger of the company/affiliate network that you are looking to sell as an affiliate.

Best Products for Affiliate Marketing in Health & Beauty Niche

If you are into the health and beauty niche, then Market Health is a good cost per action (CPA) affiliate network. They offer a high paying affiliate program.

It is relatively easy to get in and they have some of the best products for affiliate marketing for the health and beauty niche.

With tons of affiliate products to sell or promote the network, its an excellent place to sell as an affiliate.

Looking Through Forums

Affiliate managers regularly hang out in forums to look for affiliates to promote their products. What is great about this method is that you get to interact with the affiliate managers; the people who have insights as to what is converting well and who are also able to recommend you the best products for affiliate marketing.

You can check out some of these forums:

ClickBank, JVzoo, Warrior Plus

clickbank logo

If you are into promoting digital products (such as affiliate marketing ebooks) and software, then Clickbank, JVzoo, and Warrior Plus are excellent affiliate networks that you can check out.

ClickBank and JVzoo are more general and you can find tons of products in a variety of niches here. Some of the products are physical (such as keto pills) while others are digital products (such as weight loss ebooks).

Warrior Plus, on the other hand, specializes in the internet business/make money online niche.

These three are some of the most reputable affiliate networks in the industry so you do not need to worry about not getting paid when you sell as an affiliate.


share a sale

ShareASale is an affiliate network that deals with more established brands that have a good online presence. And because there are so many products that you can sell as an affiliate on this platform, I won’t go through the list but you can sign up for an account easily and check it out.


In this short article, I have provided you a couple of ways to find affiliate products to promote. If you are new and are still trying to figure out how to effectively promote these products, you can check out my tutorial here.

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