Clickfunnels Scam: Is Clickfunnels A Scam Or Real?

Perhaps someone told you that you could make millions with Clickfunnels and you are skeptical, thinking if this Clickfunnels scam is actually real. In today’s review, I will be revealing the truth about Clickfunnels.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels scam? Based on experience, most people do not really understand what Clickfunnels is all about. Therefore, let’s talk about what Clickfunnels is and what Clickfunnels is not.

Clickfunnels is advertised as a platform that helps you generate online sales which charge $97 a month. On one hand, you have people who have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and on the other, you have people who say it doesn’t work and hence start labeling it as a Clickfunnels scam.

Clickfunnels is not a get rich quick scheme which makes bold income claims. It is simply a tool to help you build out your marketing campaigns.

Think landing pages, email automation, sales processes.

Example of a landing page

The funnel building process usually starts with a landing page; a page where you show your prospects what kind of products/service you are offering.

A landing page should also demonstrate what you can do for your prospect, how much it cost and also why your prospect should pick you instead of your competitors.

What Clickfunnels is NOT

As mentioned above, this is a tool for your marketing campaigns and not a quick way to make money online. Clickfunnels does not give you a business, it empowers you to grow a business. It does not give you a product to sell in exchange (unless you’re talking about their affiliate program).

This is where most people mistake Clickfunnels scam.

Here are some misconceptions about Clickfunnels:

  • It is a blog; Clickfunnels is NOT a blog where you can post your blog entries or multiple post like what you see on this website.
  • It is an ecommerce platform; Clickfunnels is NOT an ecommerce platform like Shopify or Woocommerce where you post your items for sale
  • It is a full website builder; Clickfunnels is not meant to be used as a website builder but rather as a funnel builder. While you can somewhat use it as a website builder, it doesn’t have all the functionalities of a website.

As you can see above, there are many people who view Clickfunnels scam because it is priced at $97 a month and they expect it to do wonders.

Clickfunnels Scam or Not? You Decide!

My job in writing this article is to provide you with accurate information about what Clickfunnels is and what is isn’t. So now that I have covered both of those, I like to touch on the specific features of Clickfunnels.

Here are the benefits and features of using Clickfunnels:

  • 20 funnels and 100 pages if you’re subscribed to the basic plan, unlimited on the etison suite plan
  • 20,000 visitors if you’re subscribed to the basic plan, unlimited on the etison suite plan
  • Email autoresponder integrations
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Custom domains
  • A/B spilt test feature to maximize your results
  • Opt in funnels
  • Clickpops
  • Clickoptin
  • SMTP integration
  • Sales funnels
  • Membership funnels with unlimited members
  • Auto webinar funnels
  • One click upsell with upsell pages
  • Sales order pages
  • Billing integration
  • Etc…

Based on the above, you can see that you are getting a ton of value for $97. If you are a little more advance and need more features, you can consider upgrading to the Etison Suite plan.

Summary: Clickfunnels Scam?

In my opinion, Clickfunnels is NOT a scam because the software is very useful in building your online business. It is the usually the people who do not have an accurate understanding of what Clickfunnels is and how it works that labels the software as a Clickfunnels scam.

If you are looking to get started with Clickfunnels, you can try their 14 days free trial here.

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