Free Affiliate Marketing Strategy: How to Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

affiliate marketing strategy

My goal at marketingwithchia is to help readers grow and scale their online business. Today I’m going to show you a free affiliate marketing strategy that you can use to get started today. This guide was bearing in mind that most people do not have a big budget when they are first starting out.

Just in case you are totally new to affiliate marketing and do not yet know what it is. Here’s a brief introduction to what affiliate marketing is.

I have included a table of content so do feel free to jump to the section which you are most interested in.

What is the Best Free Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

The best way to get started in affiliate marketing is by blogging. By simply doing a review or educational post about a particular product or service, you can receive an affiliate sale whenever someone visits your website and proceeds to purchase using your link.

As my mentor Peng Joon says…

Remember that good affiliate marketing is not about persuading people from a ‘’yes’’ to a ‘’no’’. It’s about targeting people who are already looking for the solutions you have to offer. – Peng Joon

And that is why blogging about a product or service AND attracting people who ALREADY are interested in that product or service is the best way to start.

And besides….it doesn’t require a ton of money and there are a ton of affiliate products for you to promote.

In this free affiliate marketing strategy article, I will show you the 4 simple steps I use to start my blog and bank affiliate sale.

Free Affiliate Marketing Strategy Step 1: Get a Website

While it is possible to grant a free domain with WordPress, I recommend getting a custom domain. The free domain looks something like and that doesn’t look too professional.

Getting a custom domain that looks something like definitely looks more legit. If your budget permits, definitely go for the custom domain.

Personally, I would recommend Bluehost since they integrate seamlessly with WordPress.

Starting Your Website with BlueHost

For this particular example, I will use BlueHost for the domain hosting and show you how to set it up. It’s cheap and works well, great for people on a tight budget.

You will need to buy some hosting to host your website online. Luckily, I managed to get a great deal for you and a free domain name!

The domain is going to be the name of your website that you want.

To receive the best deal right now you can get my special deal here that’s going to be $3.95 a month.

Selecting the Right Plan for BlueHost

bluehost plans

I would suggest going with the $3.95 plan. This is the more affordable plan and frankly, I don’t see why you would need any of the higher plans if you are just starting out.

BlueHost also allows free migrations; so just in case you anint happy with your current hosting provider, you can request for a migration.

Because it’s really easy to follow the steps and purchase the domain, I’m not going to complicate this free affiliate marketing strategy guide and run you through that.

Free Affiliate Marketing Strategy Step 2: Create Your Website & Customize It

Installing WordPress with Your Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost will install WordPress for you! It’s simple and easy; that’s why I recommend starting your blog with Bluehost.

The very first thing you want to do is to setup your account.

Next, you will be prompted to select a theme to go with your website. No stress over this because you can always come back and change the theme should you change your mind.

Now all is left is for you to launch your site and name it Follow the screenshot below to launch your website. Upon launching your site, you will be prompted to name your site.

And that’s it! Your website is now live and you can start blogging! You are now ready to move on to the third step of this free affiliate marketing strategy.

Free Affiliate Marketing Strategy Step 3: Write Articles with Good Content

With your website up and running, it’s time to apply free affiliate marketing strategy step 3; writing articles to promote affiliate products!

This is where things get exciting! I know the step 1 and 2 of the free affiliate marketing strategy may not be sexy but step 3 sure as hell is!

I’m going to show you the exact steps that I take to bring in heaps of traffic into my blog. These are free and won’t cost you a cent and is an excellent way for you to start promoting affiliate products or services.

The first thing to know about your blog is that without traffic (otherwise known as visitors coming to your site), your blog or website is essentially dead.

And that is why step 3 of the free affiliate marketing strategy is so crucial. So pay close attention!

Leveraging on Google Search Traffic by Ranking for Small Volume Keywords

I will be straight. It’s almost impossible for you to rank for a competitive keyword as a new website that has no content, authority or backlinks (websites recommending your content).

So what’s the solution?

Going for small volume keywords!

This is often overlooked by other marketers because they are focusing on the keywords with massive search traffic. Nonetheless, if applied correctly, it can still drive a huge amount of traffic.

I specifically choose multiple small volume keywords that would easily get me to the first page of Google without any backlinks.

As a rough guide, I select keywords that have roughly 250-300 searches a month. I choose multiple small volume keywords that will get me to the front page without any backlinks.

And by sprinkling these low competition keywords into my articles, I’m able to rank on the first page for multiple keywords. Suppose I am able to rank 3 keywords for an article and each article has about 250 searches, that would easily add up to 750 potential visits a month.

Suppose you have 5 of these articles, could you now see the potential of this affiliate marketing strategy?

These articles pile up and once your domain gets strong, it will rank better and faster.

How to Implement Ranking for Small Volume Keyword

I explained the concept about ranking for small volume keyword and for some readers, they get it immediately, but for others (especially if you are new), you probably wonder how to implement this affiliate marketing strategy and start generating affiliate sale.

Not to worry because I will demonstrate how you implement this affiliate marketing strategy.

Before you write an article, go over to the Google Keyword Planner tool. I’m unable hyperlink it because it requires an advertising account with Google which will not work for you.

In Google Keyword Planner, there will be a section where you can input your keywords. In the example below, I entered the keyword “affiliate marketing”.

The keyword planner started spitting out “affiliate marketing” keywords for me.

So now what I do is filter out the keywords that have roughly 250-300 searches a month (as explained above). I would try to incorporate each of those keywords a couple of times into my article.

Given time, Google will start to index your article and rank you for these keywords. If you wrote a good informative article (which you should), then you should get to the first page of these small volume keywords.

I can’t put a time period as to how long this takes but the stronger your domain becomes and the more content you put, the faster it will rank.

Bonus Affiliate Marketing Strategy #1: Commenting On Niche Related Blogs

Organic targeted traffic is the best traffic source that you can have and no one will ever say NO to additional traffic. In this section, I will briefly run through how you can comment on niche related blogs to drive visitors to your website and bank affiliate commissions.

Starting a blog on dogs? Guess what? You’re not the only one!

To get a nice consistent flow of traffic from another niche related blogs, all you need to do is to leave a comment (with your URL) on their blog.

Mind you, I’m not asking you to mindless vomit your URL over all other people’s blog so please use some common sense when applying this affiliate marketing strategy.

If you wish to use this affiliate marketing strategy, head over to google and do a basic google search with “your niche” + blog.

Here’s another quick hack to increase traffic. Find articles that have just been posted and are relatively new ~ 1-2 weeks old.

Should that post go viral, your comment will be right at the top where all the eyeballs are. This will give you some nice traffic especially if the website is ranking for some good keywords.

Remember to keep it natural and not go around spamming your links. Ask question or comment on something you really like about the article. After all, the writer took the time to write that article.

Bonus Affiliate Marketing Strategy #2: Commenting on Niche Related Forums

In the previous affiliate marketing strategy, I talk about commenting on niche related blogs. You can apply this same affiliate marketing strategy on niche related forums.

If you wish to use this affiliate marketing strategy, head over to google and do a basic google search with “your niche” + forum.


And there you have it, the three simple steps that I use to start a blog and start getting visitors to your website. Anyone can try the methods above and be successful if they put in the work,

Using this affiliate marketing strategy, you can grow your website to thousands of visits a month. Remember to be active in your niche by utilizing the bonus affiliate marketing strategies above and also optimize your content for small volume keywords.

Building a blog takes time but I promise you that it is 100% worth it. So keep at it! Leave a comment and let me know if you found this tutorial useful 🙂

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