Russell Brunson Network Marketing Secrets Review + Bonuses (Worth $997)

Russell Brunson is back with a brand new book named Network Marketing Secrets!

And if you have read his three other books (DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets), you will now that Russell’s books are the real deal. In today’s network marketing secrets review, I will be sharing what this book is all about and whether it is worth reading or not.

You might find it unusual for Russel Brunson to write a book on Multi-Level Marketing since he is known as marketing guru. But hold your horses because this book revolves around sales funnels!

And who is the king of sales funnels?

Russell Brunson of course!

I will be going through what Network Marketing Secrets is all about and also the exclusive bonuses that I have put together should you choose to purchase it.

If you are already ready to grab your copy of Network Marketing Secrets, skip over to the bonuses section to see the juicy bonuses I have put together for you.

Feel free to use the table of content below to jump to the section which you are most interested in.

What is Network Marketing Secrets?

network marketing secrets review

In this book, Russell describes how he incorporates the concept of sales funnels with network marketing.

Network marketing, which is also called multilevel marketing, involves recruiting people to join your network to generate leads and close sales.

And because of the numerous numbers of internet scams and aggressive tactics used by some network marketers who do not really understand how to effectively recruit people, the network marketing industry is often shunned upon.

Network marketers are finding it increasingly hard to recruit people into their downline.

Through this Network Marketing Secrets book, Russell Brunson provides a solution for network marketers. Having prior experience in multi-level marketing, he combines his experience with his expertise to show you the right way to build a team.

But does Russell Brunson really understand the multi-level marketing game? Well, he is a top distributor in several organizations and actually won himself a Ferrari when he helped them earn $1,500,000.

So you bet that Russell Brunson knows his stuff and more importantly, he walks the talk.

Exclusive Bonuses to Maximize Your Results (worth $891)

The network marketing secrets book teaches you how to create sales funnel and recruit people and that’s awesome. But what you will need is the knowledge to drive traffic (visitors) to your funnels.

I have put together a couple of bonuses designed to maximize your results and take your multi-level marketing business to the next level.

These bonuses are specially tailored for this Network Marketing Secrets book and not simply some crappy low-quality products that are a waste of your precious time.

These bonuses are designed to maximize your results with the Network Marketing Secrets book and I do put some thought behind the bonuses.

Feel free to shop around because you can always come back to this website when you realize that my bonuses are the best.

landing page

Bonus #1: How To Create Pro Landing Pages To Dominate List Building (worth $97) Your multi-level marketing sales funnel begins with your landing page. If your landing page doesn’t convert, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your funnel is. This training will show you how to create high converting landing pages that convert at a high percentage. This is a MUST if you want to generate a profit when running paid ads.


Bonus #3: Email Marketing Bonus Course For Huge Conversions (worth $97) The whole point of collecting emails at the first step of the funnel is so you can follow up with your prospects! In fact, most people don’t join the first time they see an opportunity.

I will show you how you can drastically increase your conversion rate by using email marketing. The best part? You can set it up with an Autoresponder like Getresponse and automate the process.


Bonus #3: How to Rank Your Website High on Google and Attract Visitors Hack (usual $47) The previous 2 bonuses and the network marketing secrets book will make sure that your funnel is solid. But there’s no way you will generate any income if you do not have visitors coming to your multilevel marketing funnel page! This bonus will help you rank your website high on google so that people actually see your funnel.

Total Value from My Exclusive Bonuses: $241

How to Access Network Marketing Secrets Book

To claim the bonuses that come with your Network Marketing Secrets book, please follow these

  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Click on this link to order the product
  • Send me your purchase receipt to

Within 48 hours, I will send you an email with instructions on how to access your Network Marketing Secrets Bonuses.

Remember that my bonuses are put together by me and are exclusive. They are designed to maximize your results with the Network Marketing Secrets book.

What’s Inside the Network Marketing Secrets Book?

Are you sold on the book? Well, you should be! But if you’re not sold yet, let’s dive into the good stuff; what’s inside the Network Marketing Secrets book.

Earlier on, I told you that this book incorporates the concept of sales funnel to the multilevel marketing business model. The main topic in the book revolves around the Three Lost Funnels.

Lost Funnel #1: The Bridge Funnel / Three Way Funnel

bridge funnel diagram

The bridge funnel’s purpose is to build a direct relationship between you and your prospect, eliminating the need for your upline to step in and sell for you.

Because this funnel consist of a video which you record just once, you do not have to keep getting on the phone with your prospect.

It is also an effective approach where you do not have to deal with uninterested of skeptical prospects since the prospect has the option to just leave the page if they are not interested.

This is a powerful secret in the networking market secrets book and a strategy that I highly recommend.

Lost Funnel #2: The Home/House Party Funnel

home party funnel diagram

The basic idea of this funnel is to host a “house party” where you are free to showcase your multi-level marketing opportunity without putting pressure on your prospect.

This network marketing secret allows you to make a sale, increase traffic/leads and most importantly, build a relationship through socializing.

It is effective because no pressure is being applied and if one of your prospects decides to buy, it is a form of social proof that will encourage others to buy.

Lost Funnel #3: The Hotel Meeting Funnel

The hotel meeting funnel is the last funnel that will exponentially grow your network marketing business. It is very similar to the house party funnel above but it’s basically an upgraded version.

Addressing the 3 Common Challenges of Networking Marketing

Although multi-level marketing is an effective business model, there are some challenges that must be overcome. In the networking marketing secrets book, Russell explains what they are and also how to overcome them.

The three challenges covered are:

  1. Recruitment: This has got to be the hardest part of the business. You will have to recruit a lot of people in order to earn money. This is inexplicably hard since most of the time, you will be turned down by your prospects. And this is why my exclusive bonuses will help you!
  2. Unattractive Products: Of course, you have to sell something in order to make a commission! But the problem is, how would you sell a product that is unattractive and is offered by every other person in the company?
  3. Getting Traffic: Most network marketing companies out there teaches you to reach out to friends and families. Without a strategy to reach strangers (cold audience) outside your circle, it is very difficult to build a sizable team.

How Much Does Network Marketing Secrets Cost?

As with Russell Brunson’s other books, the Network Marketer Secrets book is free!

Worried about hidden expenses? That’s not how Russell operates. Just cover the shipping and yes i really mean just the shipping fee! The shipping fee will cost you $7.95 if you are situated in the US and$16.04 if you are situated outside of US.

If you already have a team, you can consider placing a bulk order for network marketing secrets since there is a discount for bulk orders.

Networking Marketing Secrets Funnel & Upgrades

When you buy the Network Marketing Secrets Book, you will go through a sales funnels that consist of order bump, upsell and downsell offers. These offers are completely optional.

I would also recommend you to take screenshots and notes on how Russell Brunson structures his funnel and offers. There is so much you can learn just by buying his product.

In this network marketing secrets review, I will go through each of these offers. Of these offers, I highly recommend the One Funnel Away Challenge, a challenge was life-changing. I have previously written a review about the One Funnel Away challenge and you can check out the OFA review here.

Order Bump: The Funnel Hacker Black Box – ($37 + $9.95 for shipping)

funnel hacker black box

Earlier on, I talk about Russell’s other books: Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. The funnel hacker black box includes a physical copy of both books.

The Funnel Hacker Black Box also has other goodies that will help you boost your multi-level marketing business. Plus, there are tickets included in the box that allows you to attend Russell Brunson’s webinar as wells as a funnel consulting ticket.

Here’s a breakdown of the items that are included:

  • DotCom Secrets Physical Book
  • Expert Secrets Physical Book
  • The Secret Sketches of Russell Brunson
  • Action pics Secrets Booklet
  • “Fill Your Funnels” Secrets
  • Clickfunnels Secrets Booklet
  • “I Build Funnels” Sticker
  • Funnel Hacker Manifesto
  • “I am a Funnel Hacker” Sticker
  • Free Ticket to the Russell Brunson Webinar
  • Funnel Scripts Ticket
  • Funnel Consulting Ticket
  • A Quick Start Guide 

You can get all of these items in the Funnel Hacker Black Box for only $37 plus a shipping fee of $9.95. Considering how much value you get, I say that its a steal! Great product that goes hand in hand with your network marketing secrets book!

Upgrade #1: The One Funnel Away Challenge ($100) Highly Recommended!

one funnel away challenge

The “One Funnel Away” Challenge is a training course that teaches you how to launch your first funnel through daily training and live coaching for the next 30 days.

Over the next 4 weeks, you will have daily lessons sent directly to your email. Each training builds upon each other, so it is very imperative that you go through them in order and without skipping a lesson. 

You are given a mission (homework) after each lesson which requires you to apply what you have learn.

I highly recommend this and you can check out the full review here.

You can also choose to get the digital version of One Funnel Away at a downsell price of $47.

Upgrade #2: The Traffic Secrets ($297)

traffic secrets

The Traffic Secrets training course will teach you everything you need to know about generating traffic to your network marketing funnels.

Traffic is essential when running an online business. Without traffic, your online business will not have any visitors and there is no way to make money. I have previously written an article about why traffic is the lifeline of any online business.

If it is within your budget, then getting traffic secrets along with the network marketing secrets book is definitely advisable. But if it isn’t, that is where my exclusive bonuses will help you.

Remember to check out the exclusive bonuses that I have put together for you when you purchase the Network Marketing Secrets book in the above section 🙂

Is the Network Marketing Secrets Book for Me?

nms book

If you are a new network marketer, then Network Marketing Secrets Book is a must-read book for you, because it includes everything you need to know about network marketing and how to overcome the underlying challenges by using sales funnels.

If you are an experienced networking marketer, getting this book is a no-brainer. The contents of Network Marketing Secrets are extremely valuable and you definitely learn a thing or two to take your multilevel marketing to the next level.

And lastly, if you are neither one of the two, it is still wise to get the Network Marketing Secrets book because you will learn so much just by going through Russell’s funnels! Plus it’s free and you have nothing to lose except for the small shipping fee.


Most people approach multilevel marketing in the wrong way and hence struggle to build a team. The Network Marketing Secrets book will show you the right way to build your team by teaching you the fundamentals of networking and funnel creation.

With Network Marketing Secrets, you will be able to talk to interested people who are genuinely interested in your opportunity.

That being said, I highly recommend getting Network Marketing Secrets immediately since it is only available for a limited amount of time since there are limited copies.

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