One Funnel Away Challenge Review: My Bonuses (worth $593) Will Supercharge Your Results

one funnel away challenge review

In this one funnel away challenge review, I will be discussing about what this challenge is and also how I have benefited from this challenge. I started this challenge in June and by systemically applying Russell Brunson’s teaching, I was able to set up my first funnel and bank over $1,000 in commissions.

As always, I have put together a couple of exclusive bonuses that are designed to help supercharge your results when you take on using my link here. If you are already ready to buy, skip over to the bonuses section to see the juicy bonuses I have put together for you.

Below, you will see a table of contents. Do feel free to jump to whichever section that you want more information about.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

You are only one funnel away…

Russell Brunson

The One Funnel Away Challenge teaches you how to start selling your product or service online. This course cuts through all the bullshit you see online and really teaches you the fundamentals of marketing.

It is a 30 days bootcamp that lays out the step by step process of launching your funnel. It is taught by 3 highly successful marketing coaches; Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephan Larsen (my personal favourite).

In the past 5 years, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on internet marketing courses. But none of them were as valuable as the one funnel away challenge. For a mere $100, the education you get is incredible. Heck, I would happily pay $1,000 for the materials.

It is a great course for people who are looking to start an online business; even if you do not yet have a product/service in mind to sell, Russell Brunson teaches you how you can promote other people’s products and generate a nice monthly income through affiliate marketing. So please do not let that stop you.

My Exclusive Bonuses to Maximize Your Results

Just in case you have already decided that you wish to join the one funnel away challenge, I like to show you the exclusive bonuses that you will get when you join the challenge through this website before diving deeper into the challenge.

I have put together a couple of bonuses designed to maximize your results and take your online business to the next level. These bonuses are specially tailored to this software and not simply some crappy low-quality products that are purchased on some private label rights (PLR) websites.

These bonuses are designed to maximize your results with the software and I do put some thought behind the bonuses. Feel free to look around because you can always come back to this website when you realize that my bonuses are the best.

commission blueprint

Bonus #1: Commission Blueprint (usual $197): Remember earlier how I mention that you can still do the challenge even if you do not have a product or service to sell? Because I want you to make sure you succeed (you can read more about why I do what I do here), I’m giving you commission blueprint.

Commission Blueprint is a 7 part video series that will teach you how to get started with affiliate marketing with NO money required.

Not having money to invest in paid advertisements is probably one of the biggest problems that students face. In fact, most students want to start an online business because they are driven by the need to make money

This system will show you how to generate a five-figure paycheck without any investment in paid advertisements by promoting other other people’s products. It is an excellent way to get your online business up and running.

Bonus #2: How to Rank Your Website High on Google and Attract Visitors Hack (usual $47): The One Funnel Away Challenge will teach you how to set up a sales funnel that sells, but you will need visitors to make money. This hack will help rank your website on google and attract visitors to your page.


Bonus #3: Get BIG Traffic to Your Sites Using YouTube Ads (usual $349): Organic traffic is cool but it doesn’t allow you to scale. Once you start making money with your funnels and wish to take things to the next level, this Youtube ads course will help you scale your business.

Total Value from My Exclusive Bonuses: $593

How to Access Your One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

To claim your bonuses, simply write an email to me at with a screenshot of your signup. I will send you the juicy bonuses within 48 hours.

Remember that my bonuses are put together by me and are exclusive. They are designed to maximize your results with this challenge.

Why Sign Up for The One Funnel Away Challenge?

  • The best training I’ve gone through that teaches you the fundamentals of marketing and really goes deep into selling. More importantly, Russell Bruson builds belief in you that you can have your own successful funnels through the pre-training videos (more on this later).
  • Many great reviews and testimonials that it pretty much sells itself. Just do a simple google search and you can find tons of raving reviews about the one funnel away challenge.
  • You get to earn 100% affiliate commissions ($100) when you promote it. This basically means that you get to recoup your investment just by referring one person 🙂

What is in the One Funnel Away Challenge?

There are 5 weeks of lessons in this challenge.

The first week begins with pre-training, a training designed to get you in the right mindset for the training. This is very potent stuff and I attribute a huge part of my success to this portion. Russell Brunson shatters many limiting beliefs I had about myself.

Limiting beliefs like I’m not a good salesman…

Limiting beliefs like I don’t want to be aggressive in pushing for my products…

You probably have many of these too. Russell Brunson will help you break through these limiting beliefs during the first week. Talk about life changing huh?

Then over the next 4 weeks, you will get daily bite-size lessons. Each training builds on each other so it is vital that you do not skip steps and follow the training step by step. You will be given homework at the end of each lesson. Completing the homework will literally guarantee your success, so make sure to do them!

The image below shows the roadmap of the entire challenge.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the challenge is hosted inside Clickfunnel’s Funnelhacker community. The community allows you to connect with fellow participants who are undergoing the same journey as you. Who knows? You might just meet your business partner there and start a million dollar funnel together.

What Else is Included in the One Funnel Away Challenge?

One of the concepts taught by Russell Brunson is to offer a bonus stack. A bonus stack essentially turns a product into an offer. The One Funnel Away Challenge is no different, it comes with a bonus stack and so does my exclusive bonuses (see how I’m applying what I learn?).

In addition to the training mentioned above, you’re going to receive a physical package of the challenge. I don’t know about you but I personally get very excited when I have something in the mail!

Here’s what inside the physical package:

  • 30 Days Hardcover Copy Book: A 550-page book that details how 30 “Two Comma Club” members would start their business if they lost everything and had to start from scratch. I love this book and started geeking out on this immediately!
  • The One Funnel Challenge Away Workbook: This physical workbook is meant to compliment your training. Inside, you will find a checklist that outlines what you need to complete each day. It is a neat guide that helps you stay on track during the 30 days. The workbook also has tons of blank spaces for you to write down your thoughts or ideas for each of the training.
  • MP3 Player: Audio recordings of Russell Brunson’s daily training and recordings of Stephen Larson’s live coaching calls are placed inside this MP3 Player. I found it useful because I am able to listen to the recordings while I’m driving to work.

FAQs About One Funnel Away Challenge

In this section of the one funnel away challenge review, I will be covering some of the more frequently asked questions about the challenge.

How much does it cost to enroll for the One Funnel Away Challenge?

It will cost $100 to enrol into the One Funnel Away Challenge. If you want the physical challenge kit, you will be required to pay shipping ($19.95 within US and $29.95 outside US).

Recently, Clickfunnels has also released the digital-only version which does not come with the physical kit.

Are there any guarantees? What if I discover that this isn’t for me?

Yes, the challenge comes with a guarantee. Should you send back your challenge kit within 30 days of it arriving at your place, then you will get your refund. Do take note that you will need to bear the shipping cost so it might not be worthwhile to do the refund.

Does Clickfunnels have an affiliate program which I can start promoting?

Yes! Clickfunnels don’t just have a single product for you to promote. In fact, this one funnel away challenge has a great affiliate program and you can start off by promoting this. It’s a super beginner friendly way to cover the cost of your investment. It pays 100% commission, meaning that you just need to sell one course.

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge the same as Affiliate Bootcamp?

Affiliate Bootcamp is a new front end offer that was recently introduced; it is essentially a free virtual submit where the top 15 affiliates for Clickfunnels share how they would promote Clickfunnels.

When promoting affiliate boot camp, it upsells the one funnel away challenge and therefore it is still possible for you to make commissions indirectly when you promote affiliate bootcamp.

Do I need to have an existing product or service to sell to join the challenge?

No you don’t! You can be an affiliate and promote other products. Remember that my exclusive bonuses will provide you with additional training on how to do affiliate marketing.

Summary of One Funnel Away Challenge

I go through a lot of different courses and have done many reviews (as seen on my website). But the One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the best training (and most valuable) that I have ever taken.

I had many limiting beliefs shattered and I was able to take my internet business to the next level.

I know it will change your life just the way it did for me.

Go ahead and reserve your spot. Remember that my exclusive bonuses will literally accelerate your learning and help you get started.