The Lost Code Review: Don’t Get It Without My Bonuses (worth $1,041)!

Launched by two of the biggest names in internet marketing, Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong, The Lost Code is a blockbuster launch that got a lot of hype. But does The Lost Code live up to this hype? In this The Lost Code review, I will go through what this product is all about and also my exclusive bonuses should you choose to pick this up.

If you are already ready to buy, skip over to the bonuses section to see the juicy bonuses I have put together for you.

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What is The Lost Code?

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The Lost Code is a video training course that focuses on making high ticket offers. They have decided to spill the secrets that top affiliates (such as themselves) and product vendors don’t want you to know; because if you do, you will become a competitor and that makes things harder for them.

In the training, they expose the fact that most methods taught by internet marketing gurus are not what they are actually doing behind the scenes. They are essentially lying to you about what makes them successful.

The Lost Code shows you how to use an extremely powerful method to promote high ticket offers. In fact, most people (myself included) have invested thousands of dollars to learn this technique from other top marketers such as Sam Ovens. This same concept is taught in The Lost Code, at such a ridiculously low price!

Exclusive Bonuses to Maximize Your Results Worth $1,041

Just in case you have already decided that The Lost Code is a product that you wish to get, I cover the exclusive bonuses that you will get when you purchase it through my website before going into greater detail in this The Lost Code review.

I have put together a couple of bonuses designed to maximize your results and take your online business to the next level. These bonuses are specially tailored to this software and not simply some crappy low-quality products that are purchased on some private label rights (PLR) websites.

These bonuses are designed to maximize your results with the software and I do put some thought behind the bonuses. Feel free to shop around because you can always come back to this website when you realize that my bonuses are the best.

Here’s the exclusive bonus that you will get even if you just purchase the front end product:

Bonus #1: 365 Days Access to My Done For You Campaigns (usual $497): Perhaps you do not want to purchase the upgrade offered by Brendan. But I want to really make sure you succeed and so I will be throwing in access to my done for you campaigns. This will drastically improve your chances of being successful.

Bonus #2: Access to Super Funnel Hero (usual $497): Super Funnel Hero is my personal done for you campaign. It is the exact funnel that has generated over $100,000 in commissions.

The super funnel hero is battle-tested and you can start earning commissions by sending your traffic to this funnel immediately.

This funnel will literally guarantee that you make money if you follow the steps outlined.


Bonus #3: How to Rank Your Website High on Google and Attract Visitors Hack (usual $47): Jono Armstrong will already be teaching you how to get free traffic from Youtube. But traffic is something we can never get enough off! More traffic = more money. This hack will help rank your website on google and make you more money.

Total Value from My Exclusive Bonuses: $1,041

How to Access The Lost Code Bonuses

Your custom bonuses will be delivered automatically. You can find them next to your purchase in Warrior Plus. If you have trouble accessing your bonuses, feel free to contact me at

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Will I Learn To Drive Traffic?

If you are new to internet marketing and do not know what traffic is, you can check out my short article about traffic here.

There are some training modules on generating traffic; both free and paid methods. You will learn 3 traffic methods in total.

The free method is recommended if you are just starting out and have no budget. The paid method is recommended for scaling your business.

Who Is The Lost Code For?

This product is for people who want to start making money through affiliate marketing. Whether you are a beginner or an experience internet marketer, there is a lot of materials covered in this training.

The product also has a couple of upgrades and upsells that are meant to help you make more money. I will cover more about the product’s funnel and upgrades down below.

Why It Works Like Magic?

Brendan Mace explains why promoting high ticket products is key to making an outrageous amount of money online.

The specific example he gives is: Sell 100 copies of a digital product ($10) at 100% commission and you will only make $1000. Or sell 1 digital product ($2,000) at 50% commission and you will make $1000.

He assures you that it is easier to get for $2,000 then it is to get 100 sales at $10. Being an experienced marketer, I agree with this as you want to be selling products to people with money.

Proof The Lost Code Works?

earning proof

In this training, Brendan Mace shows you proof of multiple $197 products that have generated him over $40,000. There are a lot of internet marketing products out there that make income claims but are unable to substantiate their earnings with concrete proof.

This is not so for this product. In fact, you get to see the exact pages; how Brendan Mace does it and why he does it in that manner.

Personally, I bought the training because of this; to study what other top marketers are doing. I would go as far as to say that just purchasing the product to gain access to this is already well worth the money.

The Lost Code Funnel & Upgrades

Front End: $12.95

Upgrade 1: Done For You campaigns $37

Upgrade 2: Limitless Traffic for 365 Days $197, place your pixel in all of Brendan’s sales pages so you can retarget the visitors for pennies.

Upgrade 3: 52 Weeks Group Coaching with Brendan Mace $397

Downsell 3: 52 Weeks Group Coaching with Brendan Mace Trial $4.95

Upgrade 4: Get Lifetime Access to Done for You Campaigns $197, you get access to all of Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong campaigns without having to pay recurring fees again.

Downsell 4: Get Lifetime Access to Done for You Campaigns Trial $4.95 Trial then $37/Month

Upgrade 5: License Rights to The Lost Code $97, receive 100% commission and sell the product as your own.

Upgrade 6: 1-on-1 coaching with Brendan Mace $2,000

Downsell 6: Brendan’s Digital Coaching $197, you get access to Brendan’s coaching materials. You will, however, not get direct access to Brendan.

Summary & Overview of The Lost Code Review

Vendor: Brendan Mace

Launch Date: 10 August 2018

Launch Time: 9am Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Price: $12.95 Front End

Sales Page: See It Here

The Lost Code teaches you how to sell high ticket products and make big commissions. It comes complete with 3 traffic methods and also a list building hack.

Do remember to check out the exclusive bonuses that I have put together for you in the above bonus section.

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