Udimi Solo Ads: What It Is & How it Works

What is Udimi?

udimi solo ads

Udimi solo ads is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect to buy and sell solo ads deal. It is a free website and is a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your offers.

What makes Udimi solo ads a great choice as a traffic source is that the Udimi guarantees the traffic. They also filter out junk traffic and useless clicks and thus ensure that you are not paying for crap traffic.

In cases where the vendor fails to deliver the clicks within the stipulated timeframe, Udimi will refund you the money.

What Are Solo Ads?

A solo ad is an email ad that you purchase from the seller who owns an email list. Upon receiving your order, the solo ad vendor will broadcast an email to his email list, promoting your product or offer.

If you are new to internet marketing, solo ads are one of the easiest ways to start building your email list ( a super valuable asset) which is perhaps one of the few assets you can own online.

How Does Udimi Solo Ads Work?

Udimi functions just like a marketplace where you an purchase solo ads from vendors, see the reviews and also the percentage of people who got a sale from the vendor’s traffic.

These features help you make a good decision about who to buy traffic from, something that you can never get if you choose to deal direct with a solo ad vendor.

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Udimi Pricing: How Much is a Click?

Udimi solo ads is one of the cheapest way to get targeted traffic. While different vendors are selling their clicks at different prices, you can typically expect to pay between $0.35 to $0.95 per click.

It is a normal practice for vendors to charge higher if they believe that the quality of the clicks is higher. But don’t take their word for it, make sure to check out the reviews!

Considering that these Udimi solo ads are highly targeted traffic, it is a good option compared to other traffic sources like Facebook or Youtube. Additionally, since you are paying for per click rather than impressions, you are literally guaranteed the click.

Udimi Prime Membership

udimi prime membership

If you are serious about buying a ton of Udimi solo ads, then getting the prime membership might be a good option for you.

While you can create a free account on Udimi, Udimi members have the option to upgrade their normal account to the prime account at a fee of $19.95 a month.

As a prime member, clicks purchased will go through an additional filter on top of the base filtering. Udimi uses a robust advance filtering system that uses Javascript, IPV6, and HTML5 to filter out fraudulent traffic. This ensures that you get the highest possible traffic.

How to Use Udimi Solo Ads

Here are the steps that you need to take to use Udimi Solo ads:

Step 1: Create a free account at Udimi here.

Step 2. Upon registration, you can browse the marketplace and look at different vendors. You can use the filters provided by the platform to sort out solo ad vendors based on their price per click, minimum targeted traffic, reviews etc.

Step 3. For better results, I suggest you apply the sales and rating filter to find the best vendors. Once you apply those filters, you will have a good glimpse of the top vendors and their performance along with their customer reviews.

Step 4. Once you have selected the solo ad vendor that you like, click on the slider to the number of clicks you wish to buy. You will be required to specify when you like to receive the clicks and the URL to which you want the clicks to be sent.

Step 5. Click on the add to cart button and you will be prompted to confirm the payment. Upon making payment, you will be granted access to some statistics which will allow you to track how many clicks have been delivered.

Are Solo Ads Good?

Solo ads are a great way to get started because you are paying per click. Unlike platforms like Facebook or Youtube where you are paying per impression, you are guaranteed that visitors actually see your page.

Solo ads also have little or no restrictions unlike Facebook and Instagram where there are dozen of dos and don’ts that you must comply with.

While it is beginner-friendly, do take note that you have to test various sellers to filter out those who are delivering bad quality traffic. This is also another reason why you should definitely consider getting the prime membership which offers additional filters on the clicks purchased.


Udimi solo ads is a great way for beginners to build an email list and learn about affiliate marketing. If you are looking for highly targeted traffic to your offers, then definitely give Udimi solo ads a shot.

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