What is Affiliate Marketing?

When you promote a product that isn’t yours, you are essentially doing affiliate marketing. Of course, you will also receive a commission for your efforts.

To many (including me), creating your own product is a big turn off. What makes affiliate marketing attractive is that you do not even need to create your own products or deal with customer service. You can simply profit by promoting another person’s product.

Think of it as a referral. You get paid whenever you refer something to another person.

What are the Forms of Affiliate Marketing?

There are many forms of affiliate marketing such as Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS) and Cost Per Lead.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend starting with the cost per lead model. In this model, you get paid whenever you generate a lead. It is beginner friendly because you are not trying to sell something.

In CPA or CPS model, you get paid only when there is a sale and in most cases, that would mean understanding copywriting, sales, funnels etc.