Youtube Video Ranking Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Rank High

youtube video ranking

Why are other people’s video ranking but not mine? In this youtube video ranking guide, I will be showing you 3 simple steps to rank high on youtube.

And while using SEO backlinks for your videos are a great way, this will not be the focus for this guide. In this youtube video ranking guide, I will be showing you practical steps that you can implement right away to increase your ranking and get more views.

How to Get More Views

Getting on the first page of Youtube is much easier than getting on the first page of Google. Of course that depends very much on the keywords you are targeting but generally this is true.

Youtube doesn’t have things like domain rating and domain authority and thus it is much easier to rank on Youtube.

Is it really that easy to rank on Youtube? Yes! Because majority of the videos on youtube are not well optimised at all. There are plenty of content creators who are just focused on creating good content that they do not how to rank a youtube video.

And that’s how you can have an advantage; by applying the strategies taught in this youtube video ranking guide.

The first thing you want to pay attention to is your thumbnails.

And you can easily tell if your thumbnails are performing well by looking at the clickthrough rate. As a general rule of thumb, you want your click-through rate to be at least above 5%.

youtube thumbnails

With the combination of good thumbnails and first page rankings, your video will bring in a ton of views.

Making my thumbnails is easy. I can make one in less than 5 minutes using Canva. If you are more advanced and like to spilt test your thumbnail, you can grab a software like Thumbnail Blaster to see which thumbnail does better.

Personally, I’m always spilt testing my thumbnails because I wasnt to get the maximum number of views for my videos.

Getting to the First Page of Youtube

Before we do anything we need to choose a keyword. You can type a word into the search bar on Youtube to find keyword ideas. I like to choose the main keyword along with 2 more related keywords which I can add to my title.

Once you have a keyword in mind, it’s time to check out your competition.

Enter the keyword you have in mind and have a look at the videos that show up on the first page. If I see that over 50% of the videos listed are less than a year old, then I will proceed to create my video and attempt to rank for that keyword.

If you see that the first page is dominated with videos that are older than 1 year and have established and solidify their ranking, I will pass on that keyword.

Remember that youtube video ranking favors new content and it is honestly quite hard to rank for keywords that are dominated by old-established videos.

Youtube Video Ranking Step 1: Optimising Titles

Now this is the fun part and where we really get into how to optimise your title to maximize your chances of ranking high.

The first thing you want to focus on is your title! I’m going to walk you through an example.

Suppose I’m trying to rank for the main keyword “increase Google ranking” and 2 additional related keywords “organic search” and “seo tutorial”

I like to keep my titles concise and short so I might try something like “How to Increase Organic Search and Google ranking | Seo Tutorial“.

Youtube Video Ranking Step 2: Optimising Description

youtube video ranking step 2

After optimizing the title, it’s time to optimize the description. As a rule of thumb, you want your description to be between 350 to 450 words.

You want to be sure to include your main keywords and your 2 related keywords in the first two lines.

You should also try to sprinkle your keywords across your description. The idea here is to make it as natural as possible rather than stuffing your description that doesn’t make sense. Google hates that and so does the person watching it.

Youtube Video Ranking Step 3: Optimising Tags

This last part is real easy. Just put in the same exact keywords that you are trying to rank for in the tag section.

While you can include other relevant tags, it is important to concentrate on the tags that you actually want to rank for.

Once you have completed all three steps of the youtube video ranking guide, your video should start ranking on the first page for your chosen keyword within 5 minutes. And this is why I love youtube video ranking because it is so fast!


And that’s the complete guide to youtube video ranking! No fancy software needed, straight to the point practical tips that you can start implementing right away.

Need more help on youtube video ranking? If you insist on using some software to make your life easier, make sure to check out Rankzpresso, a software that will help you rank better on youtube.

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